➢ Kill Performance Appraisals

00275_thumb2_220x244We have long been fans of David Rock’s work on managing with the brain in mind.  We think of ourselves as sophisticated creatures, but we are still animals with certain hard wiring in the brain to keep us from harm.  And we process information in order of need hierarchy.  It goes as follows:  First, avoid the predator, next find shelter, then food, and so on down the line. Food and shelter hardly matter if we fail to avoid the predator, so even in this modern world, the brain first processes for potential threat.  Employees read all sorts of meanings into communications from their managers that were unintended.  And if any potential threat is perceived, all processing stops to deal with it, and they will hear nothing else the manager says.  This is why so many leaders shake their heads when employees don’t “get” what they intended. But a little bit of understanding goes a long way to avoid this trap. In his most recent article, David invites you to kill conventional performance ratings.  Conventional performance management has been linked to high levels of attrition, low productivity, and significant problems with collaboration.   Both managers and employees find these systems despiriting and exhausting, and as a result, managers tend to rate everyone in the middle, defeating the purpose. Surely there is a better way.  I have provided a link to David’s article below and hope you find it useful.