When clients choose a search provider, experience in their business is their foremost selection criterion. A search consultant either knows the segment and many of the most talented people in it, or not. We live and breathe industrial manufacturing search, and it’s all that we do.

“For America’s industrial manufacturers, strategic thinking is in short supply, and the talent challenge is somewhat more pronounced. MBAs are flocking elsewhere and have been for 20 years. Industrial academy companies, the large powerhouse marketing training ground organizations, are many fewer in the industrial sector, countable on one hand. And finally, there is a gender gap issue, with women seriously underrepresented among strategic leaders, because they relate less to industrial engineered products than, say to healthcare, packaged goods or financial services.
Competition for talent at the narrow end of the funnel is predictably stiff.”

Industrial Client Categories Include:

Suppliers to upstream and downstream oil & gas, power generation, alternate energy, marine, nuclear products
Filtration/separation, heat exchange, air/water management, pollution control
Fluid Handling
Valves/actuators, pumps, piping, lubrication management
Industrial Capital Equipment
Machine tools, automation, specialty equipment
Engineering/Industrial Services
Critical equipment services (factory mechanical, fire protection, oil & gas, etc.), systems monitoring, sustainable design, consulting engineering
Advanced Materials
Industrial diamond, advanced composites and ceramics technologies
Military and commercial air, space systems, engine components and controls, airframe/aerostructure, avionics defense systems
Power transmission/distribution, lighting, power quality, motors, automation and control
Construction Products
Building materials, tools, abrasives, construction administration

Practice Areas (Focus on strategic and commercial leadership)

General Management
The Chief Marketing and Sales Officers and key direct reports
The Chief Innovation Officer (R&D)