Process is religion here.  Clean, fast search outcomes depend on complete process execution, every time.  There are project plans with timelines for everything we do, to ensure nothing is missed, and delivery dates don’t slip.

LISTEN — Establish Search Priorities

Meet with client to:image16

  • Identify skills, competencies and experiences required
  • Discuss culture and values fit issues, climate and political environment
  • Evaluate position description for rightness, thoroughness, structure, reporting and mentoring relationships.
  • Meet with all stakeholder, assess degree of agreement on the position spec
  • Understand the client and opportunity message and how to best present it
  • Identify search universe, evaluate for size and appropriateness
  • Evaluate the role – opportunities to win, challenges to the company, the role and the search (potential search de-railers)
  • Establishing timelines, offer insight, fresh perspective, and challenge client assumptions as appropriate
  • Submit complete Position and Assignment Profile for client sign off to ensure we are on the same page and agreed

THINK – Refine Search Strategy and Research Mapping

Conduct original research to expand on list of target companies and target positions, identify sources of outlier candidates, and build the long list to include sources from our internal database and industrial executives we know and trust

ACT – Call Plans

Start with preliminary back channel reference checking with people we know to determine suitability of candidates for consideration.  Approach candidates to assess their interest.

PROBE – Candidate Assessment

Informal, competency based and behavioral interviews, often in conjunction with online personality profile designed to measure executive competencies, allowing for direct measurement of those deemed critical to the role.

VERIFY – References

Speak with past supervisors and people we know in common.  Question carefully to determine reputation, collaboration and leadership qualities, self awareness and soft skills.  Verify resume and track record claims, employment dates and compensation.  Verify education with universities, conduct background checks as appropriate.


Submit in-depth written analysis of short list candidates with insights on track record, reputation, source of motivation and passion, key strengths and areas of concern or competency voids.


Bring about agreement on rough terms, and assist with offer negotiations.  After start, check periodically throughout the first years with client and candidate on progress.